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booting a proliant 5500

Isaac Lipkowitz
Occasional Contributor

booting a proliant 5500

Hi, I have an old proliant 5500. It was running linux with no problems until I upgraded. Then the machine refused to boot. So I restarted with SmartStart CD to prepare for a full rebuild. the system now will not boot from CD (any O/S CD in fact). I can boot from floppy to get the system utilities system running but it can't load anything to the disks. It seems that there is no system partition. How can I force a boot from CD-ROM? If I can get SmartStart running, I presume everything else can then be configured. Thanks.
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Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: booting a proliant 5500


Have you tried clearing the configuration by flicking switch 6 on the peripheral board ?

That should reset the boot order to allow you to boot from CD again...

Hope this helps,