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bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

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bugcode_usbdriver blue screen


am trying to install windows 2008 R2 on a proliant DL360 G5 server. All seems to go well with either using smartstart or just installing straight from the windows 2008 R2 DVD until I get to the "completing installation" phase. The system tells me that it needs to reboot and does so without any problems, a while later the screen flickers (where I assume monitor settings are installed) and then a short while later the system blue screens with the above bugcode_usbdriver before doing a memory dump and then rebooting. Once it has rebooted then I get a message saying that the system rebooted unexpectedly or an unknown error has occured and that installation cannot continue.

I have tried installing with USB disabled and also disabled ILO just in case it had something to do with it to no avail. On rebooting afterwards I have tried going in to safe mode just in case that would help me diagnose what has happened but I get a message saying that installation cannot be completed from within safe mode. I have also disabled virtualisation technology from within the BIOS too just in case it made a difference.

Just to add to the confusion, both Linux ESXi and also Windows 2003 install without any problems so I am ruling out hardware malfunction at this stage unless windows 2008 R2 interrogates hardware differently ?


Has anyone come across this problem before or have any idea's what I can try next as I have no idea what is causing the error.


Thanks very much for any suggestions anyone can give

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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen


Use the smart start CD and run the erase utility. Please don't disable the USB / ILO, however if you have the firmware Maintance DVD to update the server.

Start a fresh installation by loading the (OS) image through a USB flash drive. If prompts for the controller driver,need one more flash drive(2Gb). Once the driver is picked up, kindly removed the flash driver(2Gb). Let me know if this complete the installation.

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-Chinmay Kabi Satpathy

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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

Hi Chinmay

Running the install from a usb device wasnt possible. Smart start cd couldnt locate the setup files and creating a bootable USB drive didnt work either. However, running the firmware DVD seems to have done something as windows 2008R2 (minus the SP1 part) has seemed to install. Am just running windows updates on the box now to make sure that loading SP1 doesnt cause any issues post install. I did see somewhere that USB is handled differently on SP1 to the original system ? will dig out where I saw it but wondered if you knew of anything that post SP1 install causes USB issues ?

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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

It is the ILO firmware update that has resolved your issue while running firmware update DVD , this is quite common error message with HP Proliants with server 2008 when the server doesnt have ILO updated

HP has documented this error as well with the resolution , this issue is not specific to model of the server but is to windows 2008


 A blue screen error may display during installation of Windows Server 2008.
Description:  A blue screen displaying a “BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER” error may display upon
installation of Windows Server 2008.
Workaround : If this error occurs, download and install iLO firmware Version 1.42 (or later).

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Goutham Sabala
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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

thanks very much for that, I tried to download the individual ILO update to update from 1.26 but kept getting messages saying that the update didnt apply, most annoying but the firmware DVD did update it but thank you very much for the URL, will have a read of it in a bit.

Thanks again
Oscar A. Perez
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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

iLO2 version 1.26? Wow, that was probably the firmware version that was installed in the factory 5+ years ago.

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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

LOL, that wouldnt surprise me but the person that had the server before me (only brought it from ebay last month) was probably just running Windows 2003 of one form or another and that installed and ran fine so no need to run any updates, the BIOS version was pretty old too. A case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" perhaps...


Server is running Windows 2008 Enterprise now so I can finally move on with what I was tasked with doing a month ago...big relief so many thanks to the guys that helped's very much appreciated.

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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

I have a Hp ProLiant Ml310 and I have the same problem, I do not have a OS on the server and have no idea how to install the firmware via disk, could you please walk me through on how to install the firmware update? I found the file that is called CP010302.scexe but I have no idea how to use it...

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Re: bugcode_usbdriver blue screen

I have the same problem. I just don't know what's happening in the server.

I don't have the firmware CD so I'm asking is there another way of updating firmware? is it downloadable?


Thanks in advance