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c-class server to server comms

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c-class server to server comms


I'm looking at the possibility of purchasing a c-class blade system for our site. but there are some details I'm a little confused about.

Do server communicate with each other via the backplane or normal network and at what speed.

e.g.. If I run a sql query on one server that references a db on another in the same chassis do they talk to each other via the backplane or through there network connection.

The servers come with built in nic's how do these work? I assume they talk to what ever interconnect switch you have in the back and then in turn the rest of the network is this correct?

any help will be appreciated

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Re: c-class server to server comms

Hi Doyle,
All HP c-Class Blade servers use traditional networking technologies (ethernet, fibre channel, Infiniband) for direct communication to each other and for communication outside of the chassis.

The backplane in the chassis is used for hardware/power/chassis management and is sometimes used for server remote management.

All c-Class servers support up to 8 networking ports (ethernet, fibre channel, infiniband). Which options you choose will increase or decrease that number. For instance, if you choose all ethernet with a half height c-Class server blade, you can get up to 8 ethernet NIC ports. Full height servers will support up to 16 ethernet NICs. Adding fibre channel controllers or Infiniband ports reduces the number of ports available for ethernet.

Also, all c-Class blade NICs support Gigabit ethernet. The NICs connect to the interconnect bays (8 total) in the rear of the chassis. You can choose to put pass through (patch panel) modules or ethernet switches, etc. in these interconnect bays.

Hope this helps. Post any follow up questiosn if you have any.