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can not boot if attach any disks to PCI HBA (DL380G6)

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can not boot if attach any disks to PCI HBA (DL380G6)

Can I remove a PCI card from boot sequence, or skip it's OP-rom during boot?



I have bought this server for testing, CI, NAS. It placed in my office.

so I do not need fast and expensive SAS disk, or any hardware raid.


I installed a fedora system on a SAS disk, attach to the internal P410i.

Then bought some Marvell & LSI low-end HBA cards, many large SATA disks.


I have already select P410i as primary boot device.

If there is no any disk, both P410i and external HBA, I can got a "press F9/10/11 to xxxx" screen.

if I attached any single disk to HBA, nothing is shown, only a black screen, no matter the boot disk exists or not.

If only boot disk mounted, HBA cards installed but no disk on them. I can get a message like "botting from C:", then grub will run, eveything OK again. And I can hot-plug disks to HBA, read & write data.


now when I want restart my server, I must shutdown server,. power off disks, press power button, wait for grub screen, power on disks, press Enter....