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can't Enabled acceleration cache on SA 5300

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

can't Enabled acceleration cache on SA 5300

When i get the server, i install the Smart Array 5300. Next i try to install the OS with the Compaq SmartStart. I reponse to some question, create the logical drive RAID 0\1. After the server reboot he tell me it must erase the partition or somthing. So the computer reboot again and the prosses repeat from the first step. ( I think it was because the battery pack on de array carte have not be recharge) After do this 3 times, i try to choose, at the logical drive creation, the custum create. So i create a RAID 0\1 but i disbled the acceleration cache.

Now the battery pack is fully chaged but where can i enabled the acceleration now???

** the Storage Agents alwais send me a E-Mail like this:
An 'IDA Accelerator Status Change' trap signifies that the status of a Compaq Drive Array accelerator cache has changed.

IDA Accelerator Status 'INVALID'
Error Code 2
MEMORY 49152
Controller Slot # 2
Model 17
Serial Number ''


And whene i go in the array diagnostic, the programme tell me this:
No configuration for array accelerator board
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: can't Enabled acceleration cache on SA 5300

Hi, I am not exactly sure about your problem but I know that you definitely can use the erase utility (which will start you from scratch and erase everything) and you can follow these instruction using the Smart array5300 support software cd
3. Boot off of the CD entitled "Smart Array 5300 Support Software"
4. Run the option entitled "Run System Configuration", NOT "Install/update System Partition"
5. Reboot off of the Smart Array 5300 Support Software CD run the 5300 ACU option.
6. Reboot off of the Smart Array 5300 Support Software CD and run Install/update system partition
7. Save and exit
8. COLD BOOT Server off of the NT CD -- Not the three diskettes -- they will not work with this controller
9. Do the F6 thingie to avoid mass storage detection
10. Use the diskette entitled "Compaq Support SW Diskette One ver 4.81" to specify the 5300 driver
11. Finish up the install.
hope this might help
Colin Cooper
Occasional Contributor

Re: can't Enabled acceleration cache on SA 5300

On a brand new DL360 G3 I am recieving an email from the storage agents that says:

The system has detected the following event:

SNMP Trap: 3038
System URL: http://servername:2301/
Date time: 06/17/2004 09:26:06 AM
Source: Storage Agents
Type: Informational
Category: (4)

An 'Accelerator Board Status Change' trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of an array accelerator cache board.

IDA Accelerator Status 'INVALID'
MEMORY 49152
Controller Slot # 0
Model 19
Serial Number ''

Has anyone else seen this error? How did you fix it?

-C Cooper
Honored Contributor

Re: can't Enabled acceleration cache on SA 5300

Hi All,

So, when you receive a brand new server, the array accelerator battery might not be fully charged. You get such messages for a while and once the battery is fully charged, you get reported either via ACU (Array Configuration Utility) or the storage management agents as you guys have noticed.

To solve your problem, please run ACU available for download at the following link: (i have assumed you are running Windows)

Run this utility within Windows. You can select the controller as SA5300 and in the configuration window, you would see an option to enable "array accelerator" and depending on whether you have a Battery Backed Write Cache or not you may or may not be able to configure cache read/write ratio. Regardless of that, you should be able to enable or disable array accelerator there.

Let me know if everything is clear, else willing to help you further.