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cannot PXE boot DL385 G6 & G5 AMD

Matthew Sacks
Occasional Contributor

cannot PXE boot DL385 G6 & G5 AMD

I am having a problem PXE booting DL385 G6 and DL385 G5p.

This problem only happens with AMD-based systems. I am, hoever able to PXE boot a DL585 G7.

I have attached a screenshot of the error message I receive. The core of the problem is it will not get a DHCP address over PXE.

I noted some similarities between these systems, but it doesn't seem to be NIC related, at least not at first glance, because the DL385 G6 and the DL385 G7 have the same NIC but one boots and the other doesn't. The other difference between these two systems is the chipset, but I've yet to see chipset related issues cause a PXE boot to fail.

Re: cannot PXE boot DL385 G6 & G5 AMD


the URL mentioned below might help to resolve the issue, article states For PXE boot, include "pci=bfsort" on the parameter list in the appropriate pxelinux.cfg file

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Jimmy Vance

Re: cannot PXE boot DL385 G6 & G5 AMD

Your issue is not with PXE as shown in your screenshot; your already past the initial PXE boot. You have a kernel loaded from the PXE process and the dhcp program running on that kernel is having issues getting a DHCP address.

A couple of things to look at. As already stated it could be a pci enumeration issue and what you think is etho, the kernel sees as eth1. Or the initrd image you using doesn't have the proper driver for the NIC.

Leave things as they are and plug another network cable into the other LOM port(s) and see if you get a DHCP address on eth0.

If that works, then as already suggested you can add pci=bfsort to the kernel line in your PXE boot "default" file.

The screenshot looks like your loading the kernel from the scripting toolkit for Linux. The toolkit boot image will attempt to get a DHCP address on all the NICs in the system. The lower portion of the image is chopped off so I can't tell for sure. Normally below the eth0 information it would display something to the effect of attempting to get address in background

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Matthew Sacks
Occasional Contributor

Re: cannot PXE boot DL385 G6 & G5 AMD

I am using PXELINUX from syslinux-3.82-8.1.58.
I tried pci=bfsort but that didn't resolve the problem.

The kernel image must have the right drivers because it works for other systems with the exact same nic.

I will try the other nic ports and see if this resolves the problem.