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cannot install OS on dl590/64

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cannot install OS on dl590/64

i've finally got a cd to give me an ELILO boot prompt and i type linux text. then the video goes crazy going into the gui. then i get a stack fault, but it continues. i choose my language and to install from CD, then it tells me the insert the correct CD. not sure what else to try. thanks. i also can't update the ROM with the latest SP for the box.



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Re: cannot install OS on dl590/64

Possible causes:

Bad scsi cabling to the CD
Bad CD drive
Bad media

Investigate and correct.

This has been posted to the Itanium group. Thats a 64 bit server capable of running Windows, HPUX or Linux.

I'm guessing you are running Linux, but the server you describe is not an HP Itanium. It sounds like a 32 bit Intel box, and n that case you may have the wrong OS.

Please clarify.

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Re: cannot install OS on dl590/64

it is definately itanium. i finally got Debian 3.x IA64 to atleast begin installing. it setup the HD and began installing the base but then froze during the installation. i do suspect it has a hardware problem...

Re: cannot install OS on dl590/64

As the products overview page, it supports the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server Limited Edition 3

Red Hat Linux 7.1 for the Itanium Processor

SuSE Linux 7.2 for Itanium Systems


Driver downloads are available from the following operating system:


Microsoft Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Edition

Red Hat Linux 7.2

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7


Any of the above could be attempted to be installed on the server..


Manuals could be found at:






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