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cant smartstart

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terry rose_1

cant smartstart

brand new ml370 g3 - hp brand on front

only pci devices are standard - compaq nic and array controller - added prior to shipping

when you turn it on - it says

type 2 pci header device found - bios cont config this - do it in the operating system

if you go into bios you cant enable the mass storage - says disabled

smartstart no longer starts it - gets to last few dots and hangs - does this 6.1/6.2 and 6.3
did get in one and it said run acu - run this and it says no disks

installed latest firmware and still no joy

any thoughts - i know i can phone compaq but just bugging me

i thought about using a 5.4 and doing a system erase but cant see it making any difference
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: cant smartstart

Hello Terry,
First of all make sure everything is seated properly. You have mentioned this is a brand new server right out of the box. Sometimes in shipping components tend to get loose so just to eliminate the obvious please reseat the components. Secondly, set the BOOT CONTROLLER order(not the boot order) to FIRST from which ever controller you intend to boot from. Smart Start 5.4 wont work with this server. You can also start by Clearing NVRAM by going into F9 and then in Advanced features. But do all this after reseating the components only.

terry rose_1

Re: cant smartstart

weird but yep

took array controller out - then back in and het presto