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cd drive for bl20p G3

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global socialite
Occasional Contributor

cd drive for bl20p G3

Can anyone recommend a drive for the dongle for the BL20p G3?
Phani Kiran
Occasional Advisor

Re: cd drive for bl20p G3

Diagnostic cable for blade 20pg3 has only A Ilo RJ-45 connector and Kernel debugger connector. So no CD-ROM can be connected to these ports of Blade Diagnostic cable. But as you are able to access the ILO form Diagnostic cable, You can make use of the virtual media option (Floppy and CD -rom) after logging into ILO.

If you want to use a External CD ROM directly on this blade, the Server must support I/O cable, that has two USB ports. Through which you can connect a USB based IDE CDROM drive.

Attached is a picture of how different are these cables.
global socialite
Occasional Contributor

Re: cd drive for bl20p G3

yes, i have the correct dongle. I actually was having problems with my G2's and not the G3...sorry.

I can connect the ext cdrom drive through the dongle onto the G3, but the G2 is having a problem. I was wondering if there was a "recommended" external cd rom drive that anyone was aware of.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: cd drive for bl20p G3

all G3 have USB port
G2 some of them have diagnostic PORT (ILO & Serial) some have I/O (ILO, VGA, Dual USB, Serial)

if your G2 designed with I/O
you can use external MultiBay tray part# DC373A
and one of the following:

MultiBay CD-RW (24x10x24x) part #DC921A
MultiBay Drives, 24X DVD/CD-RW part# 269089-B25
MultiBay Drives, CD-ROM part# 298452-B25
MultiBay Drives, DVD-ROM part# 138230-B25

or test some other brands