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check my Compaq HP Proilant ML 350 G3 server

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check my Compaq HP Proilant ML 350 G3 server


Sometime ago I bought a HP Compaq Proilant ML 350 G3 server, and a company came installed it with windows 2003 server, and also they told me they put a raid because I have 2 HD scsi 36GB But now I want to add a new HD but I need to know which type of raid they put because I don't find it in all the information they gave me and now I can't find them. The company closed.

Is there any way to check with type of raid they installed??. It's not raid 5 because in the disk manager I only see one HD with no volumes

Thank you

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Re: check my Compaq HP Proilant ML 350 G3 server


You likely have a RAID controller installed in the server (SmartArray Controller) that has a mirror or RAID1 configured.

If you just intend to add one disk and still want to use a RAID configuration, your additional disk will not do much for you. You would need to install more than one disk to see the net growth of usable space.

Alternatively, but not recommended, is to install the new disk as a RAID0 volume and this new disk will not have fault tollerance. If it goes bad, all the data will be lost. Hence the "not recommended" statement.

Here is a document which will explain your RAID options and give you an insigh as to how to proceed.

I suggest two solutions:

1. Purchase two or more disks and install them as a new RAID1 or RAID5 and you will have a new volume for your growth.

2. Purchase two or more disks and "extend the existing RAID1" and then expand the logical volume to use the new space. You will then need to extend the volume in Win2K. (a longer process)

In either case, you need to determine what Array Controller they installed. You should be able to see this in the Hardware manager. It will have a name like Smart Array [NUMBER] Controller.

You can use the Array Configuration Utility for Windows to view and add/change the array as you need:

Let us know if you need more help. -john
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Re: check my Compaq HP Proilant ML 350 G3 server


Use Windows to get to the Device Manager (right click on the My Computer), you should be able to there see disks or RAID logical drive and what is set up. If as it was assumed in the other responce, you should see a single logical drive listed under disk drives as SmartArray 1x2 Mirror or something. Once you report that, we can help you get through expanding you storage.
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