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cl380 suse linux 7.2 success

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

cl380 suse linux 7.2 success

This message to say that I finally succeeded to have suse linux 7.2
running on a cl380.

The magic formula for me is in /etc/modules.conf of the second node :

options ncr53c8xx ncr53c8xx="hostid:5"

This sets the scsi id of both :( ports of the ultra2 dual channel scsi card to 5.

I could not use 7 (the default), because it is used by the first node
to access the cr3500, and I cannot use 6 because 6 is the scsi id of my
tape drive, attached to the scsi bus of the second port of the card.

Using the bios/smartstart, I had well set the scsi id's to 6 on port 0
and 7 on port 1 of the dual channel scsi card, but the linux ncr53c8xx
driver does not know how to retrieve that.

Can one of the compaq engineer point me to the information needed by the driver to retrieve those bios settings ?