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command parameters for Netware server

Richard Adams_2
Occasional Contributor

command parameters for Netware server

I need to know where I can find documentation on Netelligent PCI 10/100 NIC's. Particularly as they pertain to Novell Netware. I have one in my Proliant 3000 running Netware 3.2.
I have some new Cisco Ethernet switches ready to replace the old hubs and I want to be able to set my NIC to full duplex, as it currently shows it's at half duplex looking at Monitor, but not sure what the parameter would be in the "load cpqnf3..." command in autoexec.ncf to set it to full. Where can I find this information? Thanks.

Rick Adams
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: command parameters for Netware server

Hi Rick;

I don't know where it's documented but I do know the switches you're looking for -

10 or 100 for the speed
hd or fd for duplex mode

- added to the load cpqnf3.lan with a "-".

For example, one hundred full would load as follows:

load cpqnf3.lan -100fd

I hope that's helpful to you,

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Richard Adams_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: command parameters for Netware server

thank you. I'll give it a try.