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compaq ML530

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compaq ML530

I am having some strange issues with one of our servers.

The server keeps freezing during normal operation. No error message from win2k or compaq log viewer? The only way to recover is by reboot.
(by freezing i mean keyboard/mouse stop responding and the machine dissapears from network)

We have updated the firmware on the main system and on the 2 array controllers (3200 & 5300) to the latest versions.

Drivers are all up to date.

The OS is Win2k SP3, it is running backup exec 9.0 and that is it.

It has services for Mac loaded.

It is using a teamed pair of compaq gigabit cards. (these are replacements from 3com card that used to be in the machine)

other than that it is just data storage?

It seems to freeze when data is copied to it from a Mac client (although it has frozen in mid operation a number of times while restoring from backup)
(this only happens 1 in 50 times, regardless of what data is copied)

The array controllers are configured as follows:

5300 port 1 - 2 x 18GB drives - internal(RAID1)
5300 port 2 - 5 x 72GB drives -internal (RAID5)

3200 - 10 x 72GB drives -external(RAID5)

The machine has passed all available compaq diags.

Anybody out there have any idea what i could try next?
Without any clues i am sorta stuck.