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compaq ml350

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Marc Maxwell
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compaq ml350


I am trying to upgrade the RAM in this compaq server. It has two 128 MB dimm's that work in any slot. They have the following information on labels (the memory that works):

us 0008aaqD.002
128 mb, sych, 133 Mhz, CL3, ECC
P/N 127007-021

I tried putting in some 512 MB ECC RAM from Kingston (two of them) but it didn't work. It is labeled as 'RECC' and R030204, Infineon brand. The server doesn't acknowledge that they exist.

I need to get at least 1 GB of ram in this box to get it up and running for what we want to do with it. So I cannot just put the same thing in; it must be 2 x 512MB.

Do I have to do anything in the BIOS to get it to see the new ram? Where do I go from here?
Any info is appreciated!

timmy b.
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Re: compaq ml350

Give this a shot:

Good Luck - Tim
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Re: compaq ml350

Hi Marc,

For sevrers the RAM sticks are somewhat special, they have a small chip on them ( SPD EPROM) which has some proprietary information on it.Any RAM without matching information will not work. Kingston also makes HP compatible RAM, so when you ordering RAM from any third party, do mention the part number of existing RAM.
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Re: compaq ml350

Hi Marc,

The ML350 G1 (600-933Mhz model)can take up to 2Gb RAM. The 1000Mhz model (different system board) can take up to 4Gb RAM. The RAM type is the same for each model, PC133-Registered ECC SDRAM.

Here are the option (sales) part numbers.

128279-B21 - 512-MB PC133-MHz Registered ECC SDRAM DIMM Memory Option Kit

128280-B21 -1024-MB PC133-MHz Registered ECC SDRAM DIMM Memory Option Kit (supported by 1-GHz models only)

If you have the 600-933Mhz model then you can add two of the 128279-B21 items into the two remaining memory slots. (Or fit 4 or them for a total of 2Gb by removing the 128Mb dimms)

You could also search on E-bay for example using the option (sales) part number or the Compaq spare (service) part number for the 512Mb dimm. The Compaq spare part number for this dimm is 159227-001.

HP Partsurfer will also provide prices for these items.

I hope this helps,