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compaq virtual LUN

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compaq virtual LUN

I have a Windows 200 server running on a HP Compaq 350 G2 server. After reinstalling the operating system, there is a new hardware found pop up window that comes up every few seconds. It reads Compaq Virtual LUN. All devices are properly installed and there are no conflicting devices, if i check with the system hardware. Is there anyone who can help on this?
Jon Ward
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Re: compaq virtual LUN

Did you install the operating system using Smartstart?

If not, did you install the Proliant Support Pack to insure that driver support is available for the hardware installed?

Are there any third party hardware installed or any SANs installed?
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Re: compaq virtual LUN

I reinstalled Windows 2000 Server without using Smart Start. I have been doing this several times without any problems. I don't have any third party hardware on the server.
I would like to know how I should reinstall using Smart Start and Windows 2000 without losing any of my data.
kris rombauts
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Re: compaq virtual LUN

Hi Brian,

might be worth updating the Proliant specific drivers like i.e. SmartArray (if any installed) like John mentioned since
this H/W wizard pop up is typical when the OS installation media did not had the right .inf file available for that particular device.
Adding the Proliant PSP will bring them all up to date and have the right .INF file.

Typically this "Compaq Virtual LUN" would be coming from a disk (LUN) on a SAN device or a external cluster storage box or some software like SecurePath.

You could try the above before deciding to reinstall with the SS cd, since this will wipe out your current OS installation.