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copy psp locally

mark q
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copy psp locally


I know that there probably isn't a way to do this but here's the situation

I have consolidated the psp and the firmware maintaince cd into one install, the problem being is that if I run the interactive installer because of the nic driver firmware and driver updates the connection gets terminated.

so I was wondering if there is a way to copy what updates are needed from a share and have them run locally w/o having to copy the whole share? I thought there was a /copylocal option but maybe this was a different program.
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Re: copy psp locally


here is the PSP user guide :

I can't find such option...

I'm not sure what you are trying to do.
One option to copy & install only the newer file versions is with HP Version control repository manager and version control agent. You upload the PSP to the repository manager and then VCA automatically checks for newer versions...

Although I still can't understand what is your problem...In all cases, there will be a little timeout while updating the drivers and then a little downtime while rebooting , so the drivers take effect.
If you want to copy only the needed updates, then you should :

1. Install VCRM if not already installed

2. Go to SMH, click VCRM, click upload PSP. Give the path to the PSP
3. Go to VCA -> change agents setting and follow the GUI wizard(give IP and account for the VCA to search PSP)...

Hope this is what you are trying to do.


VCA user guide :

VCRM User guide:


mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: copy psp locally

I'm actually trying to make sure that the psp is run from a local source so that If there is a disconnect from the share that the support paq will continue to install.

I'm using hpsum from the share and since almost all of the firmware for nics etc has never been done I get the disconnect and have to run the support paq again to install the stuff that was missed because the nic disconnected.

I just want to avoid this if possible at all.
Louis Henninger_1
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Re: copy psp locally


To preclude having to install the PSP and apply the firmware updates via KVM connections, we use iLO Advanced License pack on each server. With iLO Advanced, you can connect a cd locally (from your workstation) or browse to the share with the updates. Because you are using a different NIC connection, the server NIC settings don't get blown away (as they could if using RDP).


Jimmy Vance

Re: copy psp locally

Pull the PSP over the link and install it from a local source, then run HPSUM from the network source and update the firmware.

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mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: copy psp locally

yeah to be honest with you that's what I'm thinking I might have to do (copy the stuff local).

I was just hoping that you guys might have seen this before and might know a reason.