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cpq proliant dl 360

corinne thomasel
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cpq proliant dl 360

Hello, We have several old cpq proliant DL360 servers and we are trying to change the os on them however, they do not see the cd rom drive for us to boot off the cd. Can you tell me where we can find the cdrom driver for these or what we need to do so they are not sitting at a non-system or disk error prompt and we can make use of them?
Thank you!
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Re: cpq proliant dl 360

Hello corinne,

Afaik,no drivers are required fro cd-r to work on DL360.
When you say "they do not see the cd rom drive for us to boot off the cd",if you are referring to the OS Cd,then check in SCU if Cd-rom is the first boot device.
Also have you tried other bootable cd's SSCD?

Tarek Kawach
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Re: cpq proliant dl 360

DL360 G1:

Try the smartstart CD 5.50 - see if you are able to boot to that cd.

These servers had the slim line cdrom drives
- can try to reseat it and make sure it is not you cdrom media.

HP SmartStart CD
version 5.50 (27 Aug 02)

you might have to hit space bar to boot to the cdrom media.


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Re: cpq proliant dl 360

You don't need a driver to load teh CD it should boot from any disk without a driver...

If you're not able to do so, then:

Try the CD media in to another machine, if it doesn't boot, you have a problem with teh media or problably the way you burned the CD-Image if you downloaded the CD from internet, if it boots then:

1- Like in the previous reply, check the Boot Order on RBSU (Press F9 during POST) CD-ROM should be first on boot order.

2- If still not working.. shut server down and reseat the CD-ROM connections and retry.

3- If still not working.. try with a CD-ROM lens cleaner, -> "several old cpq proliant DL360 servers" means DUST..

4- If still not working.. try in anotehr server, if it works in another server, the use the same CD-ROM to boot in all th other servers. If it is hot-swapable you won't have to buy anything, move it from one server to other compatible server when ever you need.

5- If still not working.. get your self a new CD-ROM drive