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cpq32fs2 (ID 11) reboot

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cpq32fs2 (ID 11) reboot

Compaq Proliant 1600, Win NT 4 SP 6a. Server has only one physical drive used for Domino Fax Server.

In the event viewer "CPQ32FS2 the driver detected a cotroller error on \Device\SCSIPort1" + ID 9 "..\Device\ScsiPort1 did not respond within time out period" + ID4188 "..Compaq system management driver detected that system encountered an NTbugcheck prior to this boot. bug check data was : STOP : 0x 00000077.."

Problem: Server reboots on its own at any point of time and stuck after POST with message " Non system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready".

After power-recycle, system can be boot up again but it will reboot on its own at any time.

I am not sure if the problem is hardware or software.

Earlier on, when I access the Disk Administrator there was a message indicating if NT would access one of the disk partition. I was given a choice either YES or NO. I clicked on YES.
This Physical drive has two partitions C and D. There are two more partitions that did not have any name but grayed out, one in the front and another at back.
Could it be that the NT is accessing the partition set aside for compaq system files.

Can anyone advise me on this with a solution. I have been struggling on it for two days already. The server is to be up asap.
Leon Rosier
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Re: cpq32fs2 (ID 11) reboot


Do I get it right, does the server boot continously? Or once every certain timeperiod?
The left partition you see in diskadmin is probably your Compaq F10 partition.
Go to start-Compaq tools-insight management logviewer. Make a screenshot of it and attach it with your reply. The reboot might be initiated by ASR. Start up from the Compaq partition on your disk and choose "Configure system" After this choose edit/review and look for you ASR settings. Disable them. This way you can see the hangup-state the system is in when it stops responding.