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cpqlocfg.exe issues

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cpqlocfg.exe issues



I am using cpqlocfg.exe in a powershell script to gather ilo info from our server farm.


It works great, but I have run into an issue.


I am getting random text in the file created.  It happens randomly.  See below.


LAST_UPDATE="03/16/2013 08:47"
INITIAL_UPDATE="03/16/2013 08:47"
DESCRIPTION="Network Adapter Link Down (Slot 0, Port 4)"



There is random three digit text showing up outside of xml tags which causes xml errors.


This particular instance is has two of these entries and is iLo 3.


I am using v4 of cpqlocfg.exe.


Anyone ever seen this? 

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Re: cpqlocfg.exe issues

Apparently it is an anomoly as I do not see any replies.


I'm guessing it is due to amount of data being processed.  


With that said, I will be clearing all the IML logs.


Question, is the IML log the best placed to find alerts associated with the indicator lights on the front side of the servers?


(Amber and Red, blinking and not blinking)

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Re: cpqlocfg.exe issues

I bet there aren't that many people using the lights out config util to get system info.  SNMP or WMI is probably more common for that kind of thing, but that's a guess.