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cpqlodos on DL585

Cory Grant_1
Occasional Visitor

cpqlodos on DL585

I've had issues running cpqlodos and hponcfg on the DL585.

The Dos based utility seems to hang the server, while the Windows based util no matter what is in the XML it errors. I have even used hponcfg to export to an XML and then read the XML in without changing anythign and it still errors.

Any help appreciated.

Mike Ludwig
Frequent Advisor

Re: cpqlodos on DL585

Id recomend getting a new version of the smartstart scripting toolkit if you havn't.

I ocasionaly have problems with new models that are usually fixed buy downloading the new one. Infact it looks like a new version canme out just this month.
Geoff Durham_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: cpqlodos on DL585

I too am having exactly the same issue on a new DL360 G4. The iLO Firmware is 1.75a and the ssst tools are DOS version 2.6. I have performed the procedure as outlined below, however when the board is being set to Factory Defaults it comes up with the following message and hangs:

"Resetting to Factory Defaults...This takes 15-30 seconds"

Procedure from iLO User Guide:

CPQLODOS Recommended Usage
HP recommends using CPQLODOS /WRITE_XML=filename.ext to
capture the current iLO settings. The output from the /WRITE_XML command
should be used as a template for further CPQLODOS scripting.
For security reasons, the /WRITE_XML command does not output the passwords
for current user accounts or the iLO Advanced Pack license key.
Edit the template file created with the /WRITE_XML parameter to reflect the
desired configuration.
Use CPQLODOS /LOAD_XML=filename.ext to reset the iLO to its factory-default
settings, then apply the settings in the XML scripts file.

Additionally, if I use the CPQLODOC /reset switch it also hangs.

I have used the /verify_xml switch to ensure the syntax of the xml file is correct.

I am suspecting that this version of the utility no longer supports these newer servers being released.



P.S. Does anybode know if it is possible to upgrade the iLO firmware from DOS?
Rob Hastings
Occasional Visitor

Re: cpqlodos on DL585

Does anyone have an answer to the above question? I have exactly the same problem running a DL380 G4 using RDP.
Occasional Visitor

Re: cpqlodos on DL585

I have exactly the same problem running on a ML370 G4 , using CPQLODOS.
system hangs on flollowing message.
"Resetting to Factory Defaults...This takes 15-30 seconds"
any idea. ? thx.