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d l380

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d l380

Hi Guys,
We have one hp proliant DL380 Server with (9.1*4)hdds.We configure raid5 and win2k server is installed ,now we are facing a problem in the space,so we have one 36 gb scsi hdd.Is it possible to install this 36 gb hdd without reinstalling the os,applications.

Mahesh Gowda
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Re: d l380

Hi Mahesh Gowda ,

If you added 36gb in the existing RAID-5 ,U can able to consuming the space 9 gb only.

better the you go different logical drive and map the Drive. insuch case you can utilized 36gb but it's not covered RAID5.

Thanks and Regards
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Re: d l380

Ok, here's is an non supported sollution by HP but it works.

Update the firmware of the disk (important)
Update the firmware of the raid controller.

Replace the disk one by one by a 36GB.

Make sure the disk is completely rebuild before adding an other disk.

At the end of the day you will have 4 disk of 36GB, consuming 9GB each.

COLD reboot the server every time a disk is rebuilt and verrify dat a reboot occurs without post errors. You will possible had to reboot the machine twice.

Now you can assign the free space to a new partition.

Again, this is NOT supported by HP.
Again, it is verry important that al disks running at the same latest firmware.

Alway make sure you have a disaster recovery plan.

Alternativly you can at two new disk in mirror for example and assign it a new array, but that wasn't you question.
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