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dead Dl 380 G2

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dead Dl 380 G2

I am tryign to revive a Dl 380G2 that was turned off for a couple months. At first it would power up and all the drives would flash amber --as if the raid controller failed. Now I can't get the unit to even power up. It has dual power supplies both of which are good. The internal light indicating ac power on (located on riser cage) lights up when I plug in ac and the front pwoer light goes amber but beyond that I get no response any suggestions ??
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Re: dead Dl 380 G2

stripdown to minimum disks ram cards all out clear nv ram switch 6
start shutdown put switch back

put min ram in start add parts one at a time

if no joy and will not start replace power backplane first thing

if you see no amber leds on the board

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