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dead keyboard & mouse

Chris Smith_11
Occasional Visitor

dead keyboard & mouse

I have a Proliant 800 with a dead mouse & keyboard. I am running W2K server with PCAnywhere loaded. About a week ago, I made this box a Terminal Server. I had tried to use this server (and a 1600) with a Belkin KVM. Once it went into the Windows GUI, the keyboard would stop working. I removed the KVM and connected everything direct. Last night, it started doing the same keyboard or mouse inside the Windows GUI. However, the keyboard works during the initial boot process.
Because of this, I added Terminal Services to my Proliant 1600 this morning. I also added 2 MS security hotfixes and rebooted my 1600. Same thing - no mouse - no keyboard in the GUI. I had to PCAnywhere to the 1600 to log in.
Is there a compatibility conflict between PCAnywhere & Terminal Services? I ran a week on the last box with no trouble. Or could it be the Hotfix?
Please help!!
Rob Toft
Occasional Visitor

Re: dead keyboard & mouse


I had exactly the same problem with a WIN2K server running PC Anywhere and the Novell Client. The fix we used cam from Novell, i have inclosed it as it may point you in the right direction.

"Solution ID : NOVL27480

Here is the solution: Chaining Novell's GINA to pcAnywhere
The Microsoft Windows NT specification for GINAs allows for a concept known as "chaining" where one GINA.DLL could perform it's role and then pass the authentication information on to the next GINA.DLL. Because of the intensive integration with the OS (for ZENworks policies including dynamic local user), the Novell NWGINA.DLL cannot be chained to another GINA.DLL. However, while you cannot chain from the Novell NWGINA.DLL, you can chain to the Novell NWGINA.DLL. Every third party GINA can be different both in whether or not it allows chaining and the implementation of this is accomplished.

The GINA that Windows will initially load is named in the following GinaDLL value in the registry. If the value is not present, Windows will load the MSGINA.DLL by default:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

The Symantec pcAnywhere product uses the following GinaDLL registry value to determine which GINA it will chain to. If this value is not present, Symantec will load the MSGINA.DLL by default:


The Symantec pcAnywhere information comes from Symantec support documents 199852785735, What is a GINA? and 1997101214333, File transfer window appears then disappears or you cannot send Ctrl+Alt+Del to the host. Check the Symantec web site for any updates to the content or location of this information.