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disk cannot be included in RAID on DL360G4P

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disk cannot be included in RAID on DL360G4P

I have one DL360G4P and one DL380 server
on DL380,there are two disk(i name it A and B)
A and B makes a RAID10 logic driver,I install linux system and my applicatons on it.
Now i want to clone the full system of DL380 to DL360G4P.
i pull out B from DL380,then put it on DL360G4P(there is no disk on DL360G4P except disk B),and the system can load correctly.
but it report that Drive Array Operating in Interim Recovery Mode.
then i put another disk C into DL360,but it cannot be included into the RAID with B,how can i do that?

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Re: disk cannot be included in RAID on DL360G4P

hmmm... okay leelangco i

will explain yes it is a good sign.

it says where is my mirror disk insert a disk and it will clone itself ,
interim recovery means it has had issues but we know it is lonely and wants to build clone its partner this is all normal insert a disk and it will start to clone while it does this it is in interim mode means the raid is rebuilding, and using the server will be a bit slower


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Re: disk cannot be included in RAID on DL360G4P

Interim recovery mode, mean it's waiting for a disk to rebuild.

For what you are doing, it is very importent to maintain the correct posistion of the disks.

When you remove a disk, the RAID controller expect, that a new disk wil be put in that posistion, and it will rebuild on that disk.

In the past, the DL380 used Channel 1 on the RAID controller, and DL360 used Ch2 (Or the other way around)

So it might be that, it's waiting for a disk to be installed on another channel, and you can't change that on a DL360.

The ACU is a excelent tool to tell you that.

If that is so, you can do the following.

1. Install a new disk (Disk C) in the DL380.
Wait for the RAID to finish rebuild.
The power down the server an move both disk's in the DL360.
The RAID controller then will accept the new posistion's, and can rebuild in the future.

2. Now put the B disk back in the DL380, in it's original posistion. And install a new disk (Disk D) in the original posistion of disk a.

Remember 3 thing's when you want to perform this kind of operations.
1. The server must be powered down, when you pull the disk to move it to another server, otherwise you might corrupt it.
2. Always ensure you have got a good backup.
3. ensure taht both disks are healthy, check for read errors using the ADU.


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