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disk upgrade

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disk upgrade

We have a DL380g3 with Smart 5i and 6x72gb U320 drives in RAID 5 config on Win2k file&print server. Just bought 6 x 140 gb to replace these. What is best way to upgrade?
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Re: disk upgrade

Hello Jenko,

1.Take a valid data backup.
2.Replace one disk at a time from Scsi Id 0 and wait till rebuild is complete.
3.Once all the 6 disks are replaced,the extra disk space approximately 72Gb/disk is shown unused because it'll take only the original 72Gb disk space.
4.Expand the array and extend the logical volume to add the addtional unused disk space.
5.If it Windows OS,use diskpart to extend the logical volume within the OS.


Igor Karasik
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Re: disk upgrade

Note: you cannot expand system volume (drive C:\) with diskpart
(some 3-th party tools can do it, no freeware tools)

Personally I preffer backup/restore, and I use replace drives method only if we cannot downtime server for backup/restore.