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dl 145 bios upgrade

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dl 145 bios upgrade

I just went to upgrade my DL145's BIOS and the upgrade utility did not have an option to save the previous bios is there any utility that will allow me to do so and if so where can I get it.

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Re: dl 145 bios upgrade


Have you checked if DL145 contains redundant ROMs? If it does then you would have a backup ROM bios on the inactive ROM.

Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: dl 145 bios upgrade

New Redundant System ROM Models
In servers with Redundant System ROMs like the ProLiant 8000 and 8500 and later ML and DL models, the ROM is divided into two logical parts. When the system boots, the primary ROM side is executed and used in server operation. During a ROM flash, the backup image is flashed. Once the flash is fully completed, the backup image becomes the primary ROM image. If under rare conditions your flash does not complete safely, potentially due to interruption of power, the backup ROM image will be available to boot the system. A "POST 105 - Current System ROM is corrupt ... now booting redundant System ROM" message is displayed if this occurs. Therefore a corrupt primary System ROM image is automatically corrected by the loading of a redundant image during boot time. In the situation where both images are valid, the user can select which image to use at boot time in RBSU.
Another feature of the Redundant ROMs is the Remote-Flash Redundant ROM. This management feature lets you upgrade your ROM remotely with confidence. When your ROM is flashed from a remote site, a backup ROM is always stored on the server. When a new version is loaded, it replaces the older of the two versions; if the ROM flash fails, the server can re-start using the previous copy of the ROM.

If the bootblock determines that both the primary and redundant images of the ROM are corrupt, then the ROMpaq Disaster Recovery procedure needs to be applied only once since the primary and redundant images are both flashed during the procedure.

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