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dl 165 g7 windows server 2012

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dl 165 g7 windows server 2012



I have new dl 165 g7. I install windows server 2012 standard HP Rok version. In this paper dl 165 g7 is a tested server with ws 2012 (

Using this paper i noticed that I can't use easy setup cd (only for ws 2008), so I installed the server only with windows server 2012 dvd.

The installation go well, then I try to use new service pack for proliant 2013.02.0, but I can update only some firmware. In another paper I find a link to mssupplement2012.exe, and with smart update manager I have installed all HP management software (acu, system management.....).

I miss amd bus driver, video card driver and others that are installed with generic windows driver.


Have you got any suggestions?


thanks in advance





Re: dl 165 g7 windows server 2012



Do you see any ! mark in Device Manager?

Let us know what exactly it says.


This server has "ServerEngines Pilot 2 management controller" as Video controller.

This server has "ATI SR5670/ATI SP5100" as Chipset.


Thank You!
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