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dl 380 g3 problem with raid

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dl 380 g3 problem with raid

i have a dl 380 g3 with 5i :

1 x raid1 with 2 drives in slots 0 1 (36gb)
1 x raid 5 with 3 drives in slots 234 (146gb)
drive in slot 2 is hs(red led), with hp raid manager is seen with id=6, and when i change the drive, the new one is with the id=2, and the raid couldn't rebuild, what can i do ?
(if i put back the deffective drive it is seen with id=6 but hs)
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Re: dl 380 g3 problem with raid

make a report using the Array Diagnostics Utility to check if there is any error on HDD?

or using the HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition make a test to have report about HDD status.

I recommend you update using the Firmware CD

if the issues continues replace the HDD

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Re: dl 380 g3 problem with raid


This is a real strange behaviour, I believe that the Array configuration is corrupted.

You can try updating the firmwares on controllers and the disk and then check out if it doesn`t work then you might need to backup all the data re-create the Array and then restore from backup.

By the way when the drive failed did you try reseating the drive??

Also could you attach the ADU report.