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dl120 + 4x2TB-R5 + win2008R2

Kevin Van Tilborgh
Occasional Contributor

dl120 + 4x2TB-R5 + win2008R2

hey guys,


for a remote backup project we're looking into some cheap appliances as backup targets in the branch offices


so setup would be a dl120g7 with 4x2TB drives in raid 5(maxed out) connected to a P212/256

OS has to be windows 2008R2


now how do get it to go past the 2TB marker without using separate boot drives, which i can't do. The dl120 only has 4 bays. Can i convert to GPT on a boot drive or make it GPT and install windows to begin with? I thought EFI was needed for that and HP is still not making any progress whatsoever on that front... 


any tips would be much appreciated!

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: dl120 + 4x2TB-R5 + win2008R2


you could create an array with 4x2TB in RAID5.
Then in the array you could create a logical drive that's for the OS and then another logical drive that's for the backup.

Maybe that would work?