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dl320 RBSU

Daniel Caron_3
Occasional Contributor

dl320 RBSU


I have discovered a nagging issue with trying to changed the boot order for the two embedded IDE controllers on a dl320, through the RBSU (RomBasedSetupUtility). The routine will not let us toggle this order and hard-codes the wrong controller as beeing in the primary controller order position.

I have flashed the system RomPaq with the latest Feb 2003 version, and I am still not capable of modifying the boot order between the Ultra-100 hosting the CD and floppy drives locked to the "primary" position, and the integrated PCI IDE controller hosting the hard disks, locked in the secondary.

This causes the w2k unattended routine to fail with an inaccessible boot device, trying to find hard disks on the wrong PRIMARY controller (Ultra-100 with CD and floppy).

Have you seen this, and what do you recommend, besides using the assisted smarstart installation routine? I can also work around this problem with a manual w2k setup and F6 "external mass storage devices" approach.

I do not have this problem with various Proliant systems using embedded or PCI card Array controllers .

I have placed a service call with Compaq Gold Priority Support , but assume this is more of a design issue.

Thanks for any enlightment!