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dl320e Gen8 V2 - Internal USB kit

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dl320e Gen8 V2 - Internal USB kit

Dear HP forum members,


Where can we get the "HP USB Cable Kit"? (HP Gen8 FIO Internal USB Kit -- 662961-B21)


I have a problem with our HP DL320e Gen8 V2 servers. We use a few maschines as cluster nodes for a specialized SW which only works (without hacks) if booted from a vendor provided USB stick.

I would like to move these sticks inside the casing, there is also a connector on the mother board labeled as "internal usb" (J9), but i can not find any local dealer able to provide me these calbe kits... as it is a FIO option.


Is there a way how to buy them separatly for our preconfigured (726043-425) models?


Thank you.