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dl320g5p and raid 1 and sata hdd 500gb

dl320g5p and raid 1 and
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dl320g5p and raid 1 and sata hdd 500gb

Hello, all
I have a two same servers 320g5 and sata hdd's 500Gb (hp) in the raid 1 (mirror) of each server.
OS server1 - Debian Linux with dmraid
OS server2 - Windows 2003 server
1. Periodically (1 or 2 day) raid loses one of hdd.
Resolution: power off and power on
2. Periodically (1 month) s.m.a.r.t. notify about crash one of hdd.
Resolution: power off during one day - power on

These problems have two servers.

Authority service center by warrantly changed one of hdd, problem not solved.

Had someone same problems?
Thank a lot!
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Re: dl320g5p and raid 1 and sata hdd 500gb

I think this could help you

HP SATA Hard Drives - FIRMWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED to Prevent Erroneous Drive Failures on Certain HP SATA Hard Drive Models

In most cases, the drive will operate correctly following a hot-plug removal and re-seat or a power-cycle of the system. However, in some cases, the drive may have already exceeded the Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) thresholds as indicated by either a flashing amber LED or as reported during the Power-On Self-Test (POST). If this occurs, the drive will require replacement. Otherwise, it may be possible and is recommended to save the drive and data by upgrading the firmware as described in the Resolution section below.

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