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dl360 spontaneous reboot.... ouch

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dl360 spontaneous reboot.... ouch

i have a dl360 2 x 800 procs, 1gb of ram, and nothing installed into the machine.

my problem is this.... when i attempt to install an OS on the machine (be it w2k server or w2k3 SBS) the installs will get about half complete then dl360 will simply shut of. it will remain of for about 4 - 6 seconds and the server then (by it's self) turns back on and attempts to continue the setup it had started earlier. it will do this repeatedly and never succeed at the install. the reboot happens in roughly the same place each time but not exactly. my first thoughts are a heat issue but since will fans are working and it's relatively clean i doubt that being the cause. i searched back through the forums but did not see any situations of a reboot during install. i did see some "hang issues" but that’s not the same.

i have attempted to use smartstart during the install but all the versions i have (5.5, 6.4, 7.0, and 7.x) report that they don't support the dl360. i don't think that this plays directly into the cause as i remember installing w2k server with just the native windows drivers in the past.

looking for any suggestions you folks can offer.
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Re: dl360 spontaneous reboot.... ouch

Your right, a CPU overheat say would cause the system to just hang.
Well I wouldn't suspect software, since you haven't got there yet. I would suspect the power supply, put into a heavy load during the install with high CPU usage and all the disks running at the same time.
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Re: dl360 spontaneous reboot.... ouch

Thanks for the reply...

So for some conclusion to this problem: last night I got home and put in a different drive that I knew was good. I had suspicions about the one that was in it due to some louder then normal growling noise that was being heard from it. After installing that different drive I was able to install an OS completely. I assumed that at this point the drive was failing and since it was the only one in the system the system simply shut off and rebooted. I continued to work with the machine for a bit and installed the current smarstart features of 7.01 and while in the middle of the ROM pack installation I got a system message stating that the machine was overheating and would be shutting down in 30 seconds. I found this very odd because when I felt the server case all over everything seemed fine and upon removing the case top no one component seemed anything more then normal on the heat scale. Anyways the server shut down and I started checking all that I could think of. I took out the power supply and thoroughly cleaned it of all dust; I removed the heat sinks removing the OEM conductive and installing my own, and then thoroughly cleaned the unit from all dust. Upon rebooting the server at about 9pm last night it has kept running without incident and 12 hours later it still working fine.

I believe that I have (whatever it was) solved but am uncertain exactly what the issue was, drive, power supply dirt, cpu overheat, or etc.

Thanks for the reply however.