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dl360g3 boot problem

Occasional Contributor

dl360g3 boot problem

Never had this happen before: we have installed Windows 2003 on a dl360g3 via Rapid Deplyment Pack, and via regular install CD. When the server reboots [and should boot into windows for the first time], we get a 'non system disk or disk error', as if nothing has been installed at all.

we have tried this with 1x36GB RAID0 and 2x36GB RAID1 logical drives.

The server has the SA5i selected as the boot controller.

the array diagnostics utillity [from SS7.1CD] does not report any errors.

if we press F10 durring post, the on-board diagnostics show the ntfs partition and identify it as the boot partition.

Does anyone have an idea about what might be wrong?
Occasional Contributor

Re: dl360g3 boot problem

we upgraded the 5i firmware and it works now...