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dl380 g5 cpu upgrade questions.

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dl380 g5 cpu upgrade questions.


have just purchased a dl380 g5.


has 2 dual core cpus.


my question is what do i need to look for to find out if it will take dual low voltage quad cores and do the vrms need swapping???



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Re: dl380 g5 cpu upgrade questions.

I don't think the DL380 G5 has replaceable VRMs for the CPU, they're integrated in the system board.

Check the quickspecs page for the DL380 G5 for CPU options:

Note that the original G5 models only supported the 5200 dual-core CPUs. You would need to check the system board part # you have to see if it supports the 5400 quad-core processors.

If your system board is 436526-001 then you're okay. If it's 407749-001 then it only supports the 5100/5200 CPUs.

All of my old G5 systems (DL360/DL380) were purchased 2008/2009 and they all have the new system board, so there may have only been a short period of time when the G5s first came out where they came with the older board.

On a DL360 G5, the part # is easy to see. On a DL380 G5 though you have to remove the PCI riser, I think, to get a good look at it.


EDIT: I guess the DL380 G5 does have a swappable VRM... HP refers to it as the PPM (processor power module)  I think they're built in on the DL360 G5 but not the DL380.  My memory failed me on that. :)  Anyway, it doesn't matter if the CPU you're using is low voltage or not, there's only one PPM/VRM part #.