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dl380 hot swap drive

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dl380 hot swap drive

i have 6 18gig drives, each pair mirrored and i thought in the past if one failed i just stuck another in its place and it would start rebuilding itself, well today one failed and i have stuck six different drives in and they all get the old orange lite failed status,,,, i must be forgetting something in my old age as iam pretty sure all these drives or not bad, hum, do i need to start smart start and tell the 5i the drive is good so it can rebuild,, any help or getting my old mind going in the right direction would be much appriciaed...

Mark Matthews
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Re: dl380 hot swap drive

No, they should just automatically rebuild. No need to go into SmartStart or anything.
I suggest you may have a faulty backplane on that particular drive bay.

Also try making sure that the firmware on the 5i is upto date. Can be done online, or by booting with a FW Update CD.


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Re: dl380 hot swap drive

It may be that some other drive has a read error resulting in the drive failing to rebuild.

Would recommend running Array Diagnostic utility to check further.