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dl380e Gen 8 12LFF connect 12 sata ssd

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dl380e Gen 8 12LFF connect 12 sata ssd


i have server dl380e Gen 8 12LFF (669257-B21)

on board it have raid B120i  i have only this raid on my server

i have  basket (for 12 LFF HDD's) with back panel 647407-001  it connected with one cable (668319-001)

the question what i need to buy/replace to connect 12 SATA ssd drives?

i also have several hybrid tray caddy's (651314-001 with 661914-001)

I tried to connect sata ssd to mother board sata port, it work ok.

when i try to connect sata ssd with caddy (651314-001 with 661914-001) into basket the server can't find hdd's.

Can you help me with exact solution what i need to change in my server that i will have possibility to use 12 LFF ports for sata ssd drives in basket? thank you in advance.


Re: dl380e Gen 8 12LFF connect 12 sata ssd


Please refer to HP ProLiant DL380e Generation 8 (Gen8) quickspecs which says the following

The DL380e ships standard with the Dynamic Smart Array B120i controller which provides support for up to 6 SATA drives (greater than 4 drives requires additional cable, p/n 675856-B21) and data transmission speeds up to 3Gb/s. Customers requiring SAS support or greater than 6 drives should select either a Smart Array family controller or the HP Dynamic Smart Array B320i controller (p/n 661402-B21, implemented via riser).

Again if we check for "669257-B21" then your server should be a Configure-to-order Server. Page# 26

This CTO server includes an "expander-based" storage backplane. A single Smart Array P420 controller is capable of controlling all 12 LFF drives and optional rear drives.

So you may opt for Smart Array P420 Controller listed under HP Storage Controllers 44

NOTE: This controller would be installed on the standard riser card or the optional secondary riser card.

Also refer "Maximum Internal Storage" on page 6 which talks about drive type and their maximum supported capacity.

Hot Plug LFF SATA SSD 11.2TB 14 x 800GB (with 12LFF drive cage + Rear 2LFF drive cage)

Cannot comment on the performance on the 3rd party caddies that you have mentioned.

You would also find SSD drive options in the same quickspecs. These SSDs would come along with their caddies. 

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