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dl560 ppm

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Richard Clark_7
Occasional Visitor

dl560 ppm

i ordered a 2cpu dl560 and 2 processor upgrade kits

the processor upgrade kits did not have the PPM's

the kit contents sheet states the contents as; 1 processor with heatsink, this document (ie no mention of the PPM).

elswhere in the install intruction, it stated that you need the PPM but where is it?

this is my first ever dl560. i have upgraded dozens of dl380s and the PPM always came with the CPU kit.

Surely I do not have to get one seperately?

Anyone experienced this.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: dl560 ppm

Go to the link below to find what the option part to order is (click on Options at the top). It should contain the processor and ppm

Stf ;-)
Richard Clark_7
Occasional Visitor

Re: dl560 ppm

thanks Stf but thats kind of obvious anyway

the point i am trying to make is that the PPM did NOT come with the option pack

i now need to get 2 of these PPMs as an additional order, hopefully HP can send them free as they missed them out from the box (yes they are originals from Computercentre).

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Re: dl560 ppm

Hi Richard,

The Golden Eggs configuration link below only quotes the CPU option kits being required for upgrades to 3 or 4 CPU systems therefore the PPM's should be included as there isn't an option number to buy the PPM. I can see a spare part number for the PPM but this is normally used for service calls.

Get your reseller to sort this out with HP as it looks like a factory build problem. They may be able to provide you with replacements in this case.

Good luck,

Richard Clark_7
Occasional Visitor

Re: dl560 ppm

thanks brian

i have asked our supplier to get us the missing PPM's, part # 289564-001 (opened the lid and read # off existing PPM), hopefully at no cost to us, although they are only 50 bucks or so.

i have another order going through for the same spec, i will be watching very carefully to see if this is a common omission from the box.

for anyone else experiencing this problem, these are the same PPM part #s that come in a range of HP/compaq servers, so you might have a redundant server in your stores that has some you can recycle.