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drive lights off


drive lights off

On our ML350 we had a drive apparently fail in a 3 drive raid set, all lights were off on the drive. When we replaced the drive in the same bay, the lights came on, the rebuild appeared to succeed. However when the rebuild completed, the lights on the drive again went off, while the array utility indicates it is in good health with all 3 drives.

There is an additional error on boot indicating a problem with the redundant power system. Is this indicative of a more widespread system failure?




Re: drive lights off



The issue with the hard drives and the redundant power supply are not related. This indicates that there could be an issue with the hard drives and the power supplies.


Generate the Array Diagnostics Utility report by downloading and installing the utility from the following link:










To isolate the issue with the redundant power supply, perform the following steps:


a. Remove and reseat the power cable and check if the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, then swap it and check. If the issue persists, and if the server is connected to an UPS, then connect it directly to the wall jack and check if the issue is resolved.


b. If the issue persists, then remove and reseat the power supply, if not, then if available, swap the power supply and check if the issue is resolved.


Furthermore, login to the server’s iLO, under System Information, click ‘IML’ and review the IML logs for any issues reported.





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Re: drive lights off

Will do. Thanks!