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Edwyn Lagos
Occasional Visitor

Hello :)

I have a Compaq Proliant ML570 with 700Mhz Xeon processors. We are currently
experiencing a intermittent failure which causes that on ocassions the server
does not start.

When the failure occurs, on the system board, there are 3 LEDs flashing near the
left hand plate, in front of the P6 conector coming from a power supply. There
are four LEDs but only three light up.

After turninf off the server and turning it back on it starts without problems.
Another problem we have (I don´t know if related or not) is that sometimes when
I press the button that shuts down a hot plug PCI slot, we get a blue screen.
The OS is W2K.

Honored Contributor


You may have a power supply failing on this server?
You can have up to three power supplies installed in the server, check that all the power supplies have solid green LED's on the back.

Alternatively, you could have an interlock problem. Take a read of: on page 166 and when your server fails, look at these LED's on the system board. This can be your best method to diagnosing any internal board disconects.
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