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expand disk array

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expand disk array

I expand a disk array with 2 disks. I use ACU tool to expand disk array. I see a disk expanded in ACU tool, but windows 2003 server don´t see the total capacity of the disk. How can I report to windows 2003 that the logical disk now y larger than before.

The logical unit is the system disk.

CARLSBERG, WHAT 3rd party tool i need?
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Re: expand disk array

In Windows disk management, rescan your disks. And the disk must be in "dynamic" mode to compelete expansion.
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Re: expand disk array

Hi AAmu ,
I've used Paragon Partition Manager , but any tool that says it will expand basic windows 2003 system partition will do the trick.

Don't know of any freebie SW to recommend.
Peter Turek
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Re: expand disk array

Just use windows diskpart- it works fine.

Dynamic disks are a better idea if you plan on expanding a disk somewhat frequently.

I believe if you want to convert a disk to dynamic you will have to take the volume offline for that process to take place.
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Re: expand disk array

Hi..I am also expanding a disk array with 2 disks. It has been 20 hours and it has completed 88% of logical drive one. How much time did it take you to complete this task? Did you lose original data while doing this?