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failing drive on ML370

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failing drive on ML370

I have a ML370 800Mhz proliant server using a smartarray controller 3200.
I saw a msg in event log (i use nt4 sp6a) stating that there was a problem with a drive. I don't remember the status number it was 5 or 7. After i rebooted the server the status changed to cable problem. I rebooted again and the system gave a msg to press F1 to continue or F2 to rebuild. As i thought the drive was undamaged i choose F2. The system started and after a while it crashed. After rebooting i got non system disk. I replaced the drive and checked the config of the array. The config is ok. Apparently only the data is gone. It still says non system disk.Any chance of getting it back online with data recovery?
Sunil Jerath
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Re: failing drive on ML370

Hello Rick,
Have you considered replacing the Back Plane Board(Drive cage). If anyone of the HDD is causing a short circuite then the system shows the symptoms you have explained in your posting. As for as recovering data you can contact Data Recovery folks and see if they have any way of recovering the data for you. Here is the link in case you wanna discuss data recovery with them: