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fan requirements for hp proliant ml350 g6

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fan requirements for hp proliant ml350 g6

I have a single cpu installed in my ml350 G6 and I want to add another. the server currently only has 2 blue fans and a plastic triangular air guiding part which directs air toward the memory of the first cpu. I found a compatible second cpu. So now I think I only need another heatsink, thermal paste, and possibly one or two other fans. I read online somewhere that hp servers won't boot if you don't install enough fans. I found this upgrade kit online which includes the heatsink, thermal paste, and a single blue fan which  will make it 3 fans in total. Will this be enough to make the computer boot up?

Edwin Eppel
Valued Contributor

Re: fan requirements for hp proliant ml350 g6

I just had a look through the ML350 G6 Server Maintenance and Service Guide. The single processor standard fan configuration lists 3 fans: 2 rear fans and 1 front fan (the lower one). with the DIMM baffle (triangular air guide) installed over the upper DIMM bank. To run 4 fans you need the "Large redundant fan air baffle" which covers the entire motherboard and the second front fan.

In a dual processor non-redundant fan configuration, you can run 3 fans (2 rear, 1 front as above) but you should have the second triangular DIMM baffle installed over the other DIMM bank next to the 3rd fan. For a dual processor redundant fan configuration you need both DIMM baffles, the large redundant fan air baffle and all 4 fans.

So, to answer your question, yes, it should boot with 3 fans. Whether you want the 4th fan and the other baffles depends upon your work environment. With fewer fans and baffles the internal temps will be higher so the fans will run at higher rpm and be much louder. With redundant fans and proper baffles the temps stay lower and the fans run much more quietly.

Manuals and drivers can be found here: