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flopyless P380G4 problem

Marcin Piwko

flopyless P380G4 problem

Hello everyone,
I am 12 years in a business, and that's why I can not solve this problem myself. How to have my USB stick acting just like legacy flopy after boot ? I am not able to install Windows on G4 becaulse I can not give the SCSI driver - it would be read from floppy A: during setup (after pressing F6). I couln not find any option in RBSU causing USB to replace ordinary floppy drive - my server is flopyless, and I have not got G3 near by to take flopyy drive from that. If I plug USB and than boot, it is mapped as drive C: (I can even see this in Windows setup suggesting partition for installation !), but not as drive A:. I have BIOS P51 dated 07/22/2004 (and I can not upgrade without flopyy :)
Marcin Piwko

Re: flopyless P380G4 problem

Thank you (spasiba)
it helped in many ways, but still:

1) I have generated USB key with bootable active component and upgraded bios to P51 (not P52 as support matrix for legacy USB says - it is not avaliable),


2) I have formatted clean floppy (real one), and extracted there contents of "HP ProLiant Smart Array 5x and 6x Controller Driver for Windows 2000/Server 2003 Package", latest avaliable on the web. I checked all files are there, and than, I generated another USB key, with image of this floppy.

3) I pluged this USB key into server, started it, started CD installation with Windows, and than pressed F6 to allow new driver loading.

AND than, I stuck on "Insert disketted into drive A:" screen as before - it has not opened USD as floppy.
To check if it can access USB, I continued without this driver, and setup suggested me installation Windows on "Partition1 on disk [MBR]" with size of my USD KEY. It means it recognizes KEY as disk, not floppy. What had I made wrong - I still can not supply driver to setup !

btw: I am playing with XP SP1 this way, just to be sure.