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foundation agents : Falling Threshold Passed

Occasional Contributor

foundation agents : Falling Threshold Passed

Hi there :-)

we get a repeated warning mesage on multiple servers that have the foundation agents installed:

Threshold Agent: Falling Threshold Passed.
SNMP MIB Variable . has value 0 <= 0.
Severity: Unknown
Description: None.
Refer to the MIB for a definition of the variable.

The Foundation SNMP Agent was unable to forward an SNMP trap to the Remote Insight Board trap due to a processing error. The data contains the error code:
0000: 11 0d 35 84 ..5

Can anyone tell me what this message relates to and how we can correct the issue....

thanks :-)
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Re: foundation agents : Falling Threshold Passed

Seems like this issue has been discussed in another thread:

However, a solution has not been put forth. However, looking at the SNMP MIB Variable what I can understand is threshold <=0 has a value 0, and that is why the alerts are being generated. Further down the trap information, it also refers to RIB board.

This is the SNMP trap reference guide: