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freezing for DL380 Gen9

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freezing for DL380 Gen9


can get help for my problem please ?

I have new server DL380 Gen9, this server was working normally after installing windows server 2012 R2 on it and working normally for one week, but now after restarting the server its can not boot just frezzing in progress 18 percent.

so if there are any one can help me to resolve this problem i will be very thanks 

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Re: freezing for DL380 Gen9

A corrupted SystemROM or some Hardware (RAM?) fault? are you able to select/verify the alternate (backup) SystemROM image available during Server initial boot? ...backup SystemROM image should be automatically selected as the next active SystemROM image to boot from if the actual one is identified as corrupted by the, maybe, it is not a SystemROM related issue.
Can you post some screenshots about various tests of Hardware components performed during the very initial phase of system startup?

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Jimmy Vance
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Re: freezing for DL380 Gen9

Try clearing NVRAM with switch 6. This document details the procedure


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