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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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gig copper support

Paul Hall_1
Occasional Contributor

gig copper support

We just did a total replacement of our data center network and replaced it with a 6509 with gig copper blades. Our data center is about 95% dl 360's and 380's. I'm noticing that only random g2's and g3's seem to support gigabit. Anyone know if there is any docs with what model g2 and g3's support gigabit. So far I have one 1.2ghz dl 380 g2 that doesn't gigabit, but another 1.2ghz dl 380 that does, the most confusing one is i have a dl 360 g3 dual 3.2ghz that doesn't seem to want to do gigabit. The two 380's and running Win2k3 Sp1, the 360 is running RHEL 3.
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Re: gig copper support


All of the QuickSpecs for older ProLiant servers can be found under the Archives section in the HP Product Bulletin page (see URL below):


To get everything to Gigabit you may have to perform some firmware or software updates on the servers. I'd recommend applying the latest ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) to make sure you're using the latest drivers. Those servers with embedded NICs may require a firmware update to negotiate Gigabit properly.

Lastly, it may be necessary to ensure your 6509 is running with the latest Cisco IOS so that it autonegotiates speed/duplex properly with the servers. If they don't negotiate properly you will have to manually set speed/duplex at the switch port and NIC.

CSUMB Network Operation
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Re: gig copper support

cool I was looking around and didn't see that. I installed the latest PSP on our linux boxes I noticed the windows boxes came back up at 1gb without any involvement on my part but the linux boxes we have (mostly DL 360 G2's and G3's) had to have their ports forced to 1000/full before they would operate at gig.