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global RAID failover set

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Jimmy Vance

Re: global RAID failover set

After looking at the image you attached, you must currently have at least array B setup as RAID 1+0 as you also have an online spare configured for that array.

Your original post stated you were setup as RAID 0. The Smart Array controller will not allow you to assign an online spare to a RAID 0 array.

As stated in the guide my first post mentioned, an online spare cannot be shared between arrays.

Using you current drives, your best option is to put 4 drives in one RAID 5 array with an online spare, and then create two logical drives of equal size inside the array. This will give you around 430 GB of usable space. Another option is to put all all 5 drives in a RAID 5 array you would then have around 730Gb of usable space to split between two or more logical drives, but no online spare.

When setup as RAID 5, you can lose one drive without issue, but you will have to replace it before a second drive fails or you will lose data.

Attached is an image from ACU showing one RAID 5 configuration with two logical drives. My test system only had four 72GB drives so I couldn't show your exact configuration but this will give you an idea of what your setup should look like when using ACU

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stan hsieh
Occasional Visitor

Re: global RAID failover set


I apologize for the incorrect info. It is set up with RAID1 for the logical drives. We will have to go back and re-think configuration. Thank you.