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hardware upgradation on ml 530 server

Occasional Contributor

hardware upgradation on ml 530 server

i want to upgrade ml 530 server which is having novell netware 5 installed with 6X18.2 GB hardisks and raid 5 with hotspare configured.
i want to add more 6X36.4 GB harddisks and want to expand existing DATA and SYS volume.
can someone help out with the details how i can do this without disturbing the data or data loss. the data is very crutial.
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: hardware upgradation on ml 530 server

Hi Bhavesh

You may try following:

1. Using for example Symantec Ghost utility, move the existing disk image to storage on network.

2. Replace the drives, recreate RAID disk volumes.

3. Restore the image using ghost utility with on option set for system volume as bootable.

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Re: hardware upgradation on ml 530 server

The information you provide is insufficient iot detail the procedure.
Assumptions have to be made for even a rough layout :
1. Controller is a 53xx, 63xx or newer.
2. You have the latest ACU installed.
3. You have a recent and reliable backup.
4. You want the data on a logical drive other than the logical drive for the system.
This is what you do on a Win32-machine where all above conditions are met :
1. Populate cage B and create a logical drive online via ACU or via F8 at startup.
2. Declare drive via diskpart and give it the desired drive-letter.
3. Move the data to the newly declared drive, if need be offline by using WinPE or the sort.
4. Migrate the Raid5 in cage A to whatever suits you.
5. Declare the remainder of the original Raid 5 to the logical drive in cage B by using ACU.
This is a quite lengthy process since only one operation on the controller can be ran at any one time ; therefore is adjusting the accelerator and scheduling this operation off-peak not such a bad idea