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has my reseller sold me an already used ML110 g10?

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has my reseller sold me an already used ML110 g10?


I am from Austria, so excuse my bad English.
I bought an HP ml110 g10 P03687-425 on April 26 online and received the device yesterday. This is the first time, i own a new proliant, before i always had old, used HP servers for my homelab. So i am used to Prolaint servers, but have noexperience with registering, warranty and so on. So maybe i am just too stupid,, but here is the story:
Today i wanted to Register the server on hpe site for being able to download Firmware. I wanted to link the warranty to my hp account but got error message "Permission does not exist". Then i checked the warranty on HP site and it tells me that date warranty starts is 28.03.2019. this is not the date i purchased (See above).
Now i was alarmed and checked the Server for signs that it could be already used. What makes me wonder:
The USB stick with the HP rapid setup Software is already placed inside internal USB port (maybe this is normal). There are only 6 blind modules filling the drive bays of the 8x sff drive cage. There is a sticky rest on the top of the case, as there was a sticker there before that has been removed.
And of course the fact that i cannot register the Server and this strange date of warranty starting when checking warranty.
On the other side the package of the Server seemed to be originally sealed. with this special tape (black lines on it; same tape as the packages with optional hpe parts i bought new for my other hp servers in the past).
What do you think? Do above issues indicate that this Server was preowned and registered? or is this all normal and i am just too stupid to register it correctly?

What should be the package content of an ML110 g10 P03687-425? I only had 2 power cords (european and us (?) version), and a bag with a few sheets with general information, and plastic parts to fix the power cords.
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Re: has my reseller sold me an already used ML110 g10?

Hi Barry,

Greetings for the Day !

Making an attempt to consolidate all your queries and answer them to the best of my knownledge. Also including a few support documents and information for your reference.


- For concern regarding warranty period, linking warranty and downloading the firmware:
Downloading an entitlement restricted repository requires an HPE Passport Account and valid Warranty/Carepack/Support Agreement linked with the same. Need to chec the country and number of users to be linked. Since you are getting permission related message, Please contact HPE Support with the Serial Number of the Server. They will start a support ticket and assist with linking warranty, downloading firmware and address queries around Warranty Period. Please keep a Proof of Purchase handy for reference, if required.

For Reference:
Austria (German) Support can be reached through Phone and Email:
Phone: 0800-090-092
Email: (Choose “Status eines Supportfalls übermitteln oder überprüfen”)

Austria (English) can be reached through Chat:
For Chat Support: (Choose “Chat with HPE”)


- About Missing HDD Blanks, Sticky Rest and Package Content:
Please reach out to the reseller regarding queries around Original Order, Package Content, Missing Components (If Any) and whether a refurbished unit was shipped. If required they will reach out to HPE Partner Support with a Invoice of their original order with HPE for the details.

For Reference:
* P03687-425 is not a refurbished model of HPE ML110 Gen10. ML110 Gen10 Quickspecs:
* HPE Rapid Setup may or may not be included with the server based on the configuration opted by reseller at the time of purchase from HPE. HPE Rapid Setup Software Installation and Configuration Guide -
* All Factory Integrated Models will be populated with sufficient hard drive blanks based on the number of initial hard drives ordered with the server. The same can be configured by through Enclosure / Chassis Options while placing the original order with HPE.


Hope it was Helpful !


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